You might not believe it, but parking issues can either mar or make any business; it doesn't matter how aggressively persuasive their advertisements are, how customer centric they are or how reliable they are; if all things needed for the company's outlook to be greatly impressed in the minds of the customers are not met then the company is better suited dead. There are varying accounts of the measurement or dimensions to use when sizing the parking allocation; the most popular account is often calculated by the certain number of parking spaces per 1000 square feet. At the negotiation stage, ensure that you discuss extensively with your landlords on the adequate spacing allocated for the parking before the completion of the building you're leasing. Most landlords are adamant during this negotiation stage; they deliberately frustrate your bargaining prowess.

Test the Parking Garage/Facility

Well, this isn’t really much ado about nothing on parking spaces, there is a lot to be discussed when think of the parking space facility. After much deliberation with the landlord and he has finally conceded defeat with your winning bargaining prowess. The task ahead basically borders on the thorough evaluation of the unique features of the building and the available spaces for the parking facilities. The visitor's parking spot should conveniently accommodate all the customers but if it eventually begins to eat out of your premises left then there needs to be a revaluation. Another scenario, if it takes more than five to fifteen minutes for a car to come out of your premises, then we have to go back to the drawing board . it need a little reactive solutions. If at all there are underlying issues with the parking facilities, Speak out! It is your business.


 Every customer centric employer should put in place a parking system that can accommodate the parking spaces of all the employees. This system should also protect the interests of your employees though it may come with some additional charges which depending on the economic situation in the company might either be proliferated or reduced. Housing different apartments in one building well comes with a lot of baggage having over a hundred tenants over-subscribing their parking allocations forgetting to impose restrictions on the part of the owners of the properties, tenants who go beyond their allocations. successive trends  in urban areas have seen many organized assessments of  parking facilities help secure properties  up to 5 to 10 years more than the initial existence date. A great office is nothing without good parking. Negotiate properly and ensure you make thorough assessment of the parking provision allocate to you.

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